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UFOs, Anti-Gravity and Infinite Energy                                                               

Written by Richard Conway   

January 2011

There has been much written in recent years on the suppression of novel technologies by various governments and private companies with vested interests to keep the world in a state of energy crisis. Our interest for this and other matters first piqued through the UFO phenomenon where physical effects were seen to have occurred in close encounter cases which directly impinged on the environment.

Hollywood has picked up on this generally and changed this into screenplays of car stops, radio interference, changing lights and tremendous speeds of craft. Whilst my interest started with UFOs and the physical effects that were reported the last 10-12 years have generally yielded a much more firm interest in "fringe" science and technology.
I was old enough to remember the spectacle of Pons and Fleischman, when they reported their findings on cold fusion, now called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). Whilst mainstream physicists destroyed the dreams and careers of these two distinguish chemists a whole movement began around their findings and lab after lab began to find their own LENR in the form of excess heat, transmuted element and tritium production. Watching the way the scientific establishment chipped away and tried to turn the subject matter into a laughing stock was a gross violation of everything that science should sacred. The fact that certain evidence was falsified at a later stage was a shocking indictment to the way that budgets and politics play too much of a role in the affairs of scientists.
My interest in energy technologies is born from an understanding of Robert Solow and his theories on the development of economic growth which led me to believe that wealthy nations have to keep the price of energy high so that not so wealthy nations will not be able to achieve an equilibrium in industrial growth commensurate to their natural factors of production. As such it's in the interest of the us richer nations to ensure that energy yields remain low and engines, energy storage and transmission vessels remain relatively inefficient. Renewables as far as I can see are a complete misnomer since they create a false economy and divest from possible natural sources of abundant power. As such the trend has been to create a study environment in universities and large corporations which revel in discoveries of increments of energy efficient technologies rather than spend adequate research dollars on finding novel sources of energy which have circumstantial and anecdotal evidence pointing to the fact that net gains from such a find could cure the world of many problems (e.g. Casimir effect/Zero point) since energy is at the heart of everything (e.g. clean water, food production, transport, industry etc.)
My other interest is in the realm of what the poets call anti-gravity. As a physicist, or pseudo-physicist I can see that even now there are some very descriptive texts which point to the existence of effects and forces which may have a bearing on our environment to apparently counter gravity or provide an opposing force as could possibly be construed by idealising and concluding Dark Energy (heaven forbid the establishment got this one wrong and it is a clear misperception!). Anyway, this area intrigues me. To get close to this I got very hands on and started to experiment with lifters which I loved. I do not, however, believe the lifter effect is due to anything other than an ion wind but I also think it far from what Townsend Brown did in his original experiments. The problem with this field is that nobody can show anything reproducible so it ends up demoralising researchers, e.g. De Aquino, Searl, Podkletnov. As well as this the personal lives of the scientists involved in these things are always controversial, they perceive to have disappearances over months or years and rumours generally abound that they end up working for the governments or for Boeing. I think the stories are rubbish and mythical and there is a fountain of truth to show that we are on the cusp in the coming decades of a revolution in thought about this subject and experience. My reading of Gravity's Secret, a New Scientist article citing Martin Tajmar is case in point how good scientists can stumble on something which may not be independently reproducible but is interesting nonetheless and can point to a completely different physical reality for us if a groundswell of scientists confirm these kinds of findings.
This project will address and collate everything for these issues (including hydroxy gas). Since we're BUFORA we may relate these to observed sightings or encounters and look to UFO or government connections illustrating the use of new technologies and speculate as to what these might be. Anybody interested in joining the project and mailing list should contact me on the contacts page tab. . Thanks. Richard Conway,