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UFO Sighting Rare and Unusual Shape:

Location: Rural Wingham, near Canterbury, Kent.

Date: 15th July 2012

Investigator: Matt Lyons                                                                    

Initial report from Ray Johnson (code of practice, pseudonym used).

On the day of this sighting, Ray was out on one of his regular walks in this remote and relatively flat landscape. There are scant few
agricultural buildings and the land is extensive in farming, with wide open spaces.  The weather was thick cloud to the West with a
small break in the cloud to the south with the sun breaking through to the left of a main coppice of woods.

The woodland recedes abruptly and there is a clear run of vision to the horizon panning from South West to South for about a mile
and a half, from which a wind mill marks the start of a new line of trees.

In Ray’s account of his sighting whilst walking his dog, he states the following:

“I noticed something moving that I thought was a flight of geese. It caught my eye because right now, this is not happening around
here-it did not fit.”

“I kept my eye on it and realised that it was going too fast to be birds. Then I realised I was not looking at something a few
hundred meters away - this thing passed into a lower density area of a cloud (heavy rain and storm clouds - c/n?) that was maybe
5 miles away, maybe more due to the elevation, I'm not sure... As it did this I saw that it was a solid object - dark grey/black. It was
pointed at the front (hence me thinking I was viewing geese from my ground angle) and square like to the back, it had about five
sides, like a classic diamond icon.

It was at about 22-25 degrees vertical, and I tracked it with my eye through about 80 degrees
horizontal before it passed out of sight behind the trees of a small coppice. I guess it was about 4 or 5 seconds I was watching it
for - I was so agog that I couldn't say anything, my son was with me but playing with the dog, and forget about trying to film it
- it was gone! I tried to explain it away, said maybe it was a shadow of something on the clouds, but there was absolutely no way
I can think of to explain what I saw, and I have seen most kinds of aircraft in flight (I was obsessed with the things as a kid/lived
next to a military and commercial airport...). When I got back to my parents’ house I told my mother what I had seen, she said
she's been seeing weird stuff in the sky all week, she's even heard them - they make a buzzing/ringing noise apparently. Has
anyone else seen anything?”

I met Ray on location and we got the positioning of the sighting photographed and filmed in transit with a live pan shot. It was
reviewed that the time was closer to between ten to fifteen seconds, when we replayed the sighting footage and realised that the
sighting from beginning to end was longer than the five seconds that Ray recalled, from his realisation that he was not observing

The UFO was sketched in full detail and this indicated the size of the object, which was placed in context to size above the woods from where it first appeared.


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