The British UFO Research Association
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Welcome to the UFO Reports section:

The drop down + symbol reveals a selection list (drop down long menu) of various different kinds of sightings that BUFORA receives and investigates. The reports range from definitive solutions to sightings, highly probable causes through to cases which remain unexplained and still requiring further data. Click on each tab in the plus menu and it will take you to one of these featured cases. In 95% of all cases and probably higher, there is a rational explanation for sightings and strange events. The remaining five percent that remain elusive are never closed , as there is always the possibility that new data, science and witnesses can add to the continuing quest to our continuing research and investigations since we started in 1962.

 For further reading, please have a look at our digital magazine archive and Vehicle Interference Reports, which all featuremany humdreds of report logs and extensive cases studies that span over half a century of data. You can find these in the BUFORA products section.