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BUFORA Research Coordinator Tony Eccles welcomes you to the research section:

Here you will find the current team and individual projects. Some of these will draw to a conclusion and a subsequent book or document will be forthcoming. Some projects such as the Vehicle Interference Report (VIR) on UFO effects on both ground and air transport are complete but still open to new events or data. There are also some shorter but equally important research and investigation documents in our articles section of this website.

Within the first decades of BUFORA history, it was rapidly realised that many sightings and witness reports could not be explained in purely ‘nuts and bolts’ terms, or objects of many solid shapes and sizes. In some complex cases, separate research documents were produced for specific cases or incidents. Many of these special reports were included in conference notes or published through the paid membership magazines, often over many issues.

BUFORA has solved a high proportion of cases through cross referencing its accumulated knowledge and research.

Subject areas have included the following:

  • Crop circles, psychology, astronomy, physics, theoretical propulsion, particle and molecular theory, time travel and distortions, spirituality, paranormal and metaphysical studies.
  • The BOLIDE report examined the behaviour of meteor reports and there have been many papers on witness behaviour and belief systems in relation to UFO sightings, from lights in the sky right up to the highest strangeness reports.
  • One of the studies contributed towards the BUFORA stance on discouragement of hypnotic regression as a research and investigation approach. Studies in behavioural experiments have undertaken with a view to witness perception in close encounter accounts.

Accumulation of knowledge continues in photographic analysis, from traditional celluloid film through to modern digital age equipment including both still and moving images. Studies have been made into the psychological aspects of why and how people hoax images of all kinds.

Special reports have been compiled into covert behaviour, secrecy and the ‘men in black’ through to how various international governments deal with their UFO cases in comparison to the United Kingdom.

This is only a brief summary of the many areas BUFORA has covered in its half-century of past and current research. We welcome scientifically and factually based liaison and collaboration with other like-minded independent researchers and UFO groups. Please contact us if you wish discuss this area of our association. The BUFORA committee welcomes enquiries to join the research section via the contacts page.

The past research papers and booklets can be found in our digital archives, which have everything BUFORA produced in its magazine era from 1959-2005. You can find this on our store section of the site.

  A selection of current research projects:

Shamanism,                            :               Tony Eccles

UFO photographic analysis     :               Mark Easen

UFOs, Anti-Gravity/Infinite Energy:     Richard Conway

UFOs, the Human Side:                          Heather Dixon                     

  Vehicle Interference Cases:               Geoff Falla/Mike Hudson