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Photographs and Video Footage

This is just to inform members of the public, who are sending in image sand video footage  for evaluation, that BUFORA image specialist, Mark Easen,  is  a key worker and therefore  very busy at the moment.   Because of this,  image analyses will take longer than normal, and possibly up to three weeks.

 We extend our thanks for your patience.

 Heather Dixon BUFORA

Welcome to the sightings section:
Please note that BUFORA charge a mandatory donation of £5.00 payable by PayPal for all Photographic and Video evaluations. 
(This fee is refundable if the case is published at our discretion on the BUFORA website)

The British UFO Research Association is dedicated to the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon. All BUFORA investigators are bound by a strict code of practice, which requires them to conduct all investigations in a professional manner and to respect the anonymity of the witness. A copy of the code can be obtained on request from your BUFORA investigator.
If there is more than one witness to the same sighting, please complete the sighting report form below individually, rather than attempt to merge two or more accounts together of the same incident.
The two diagrams above the main are used as a reference for your answers in the relevant indicated sections in the sighting report form. If you would prefer a paper form, this can be emailed to you by contacting us or Heather Dixon via the contacts page.


     Diagram one                                          Diagram 2             Ground is 0 degrees, highest point is 90 degrees, half way is 45 degrees,

Just note the angle and state its angle going higher or lower, if this changed throughout the sighting,
into the diagram one comments box on the form below

Drag and drop questions from the right side to create your form.
The witness gives permission to BUFORA to use the the photographs/footage at our discretion with the respect to keep the witness anonymous unless otherwise advised
Please now press submit button below and we will contact you shortly, thank you