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A selection of links to other sites of interest: BUFORA accepts no responsibility for external site content and the views and the opinions of the links displayed do not necessarily reflect the views of the organisation.
The Fotocat UFO Photograph Data Project: Hundreds of constantly updating UFO images
The Association of Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena(ASSAP)
The Moore Show: Television and radio shows on a wide range of topics
The Psychic Research Foundation.
True Ghost Stories
The Centre for UFO Studies. CUFOS. U.S. based investigations and research group
Behind the Paranormal: Highly diverse range of radio guests with Brian and Paul Eno
David Bryant: Fortean and UFO articles, Spacerocks meteorite sales. Rendlesham research.
Space Lectures: Meet real astronauts in the U.K.
Phenomena Magazine: Free regular magazine on all aspects of the unexplained
UFO Sweden: European associates who have their own publications and case investigations
AFU Sweden: Huge archive constantly growing in UFO Archives, books, magazines & media
Telescope Planet: UFO investigator or astronomer? Great online shop for equipment  http://www.telescopeplanet.co.uk/