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by Mark Easen


Occasionally, a sighting report will come into enquiries which the witness believes seems to defy all explanation.

At 10.05 pm on Monday 31st January 2011 in the Worcester area, a ‘small but very bright light’ was observed in the sky through a closed first floor bedroom window, moving quite fast in a North Westerly direction.

The witness says at first he thought it was a plane on its way to Birmingham airport but then it changed direction and started heading in his general direction.

The next moment, the bright white light suddenly appeared 40 to 50 yards away, travelling fast, with what looked like a ‘reddish flame at the front, similar to that of a meteor or rocket’.

The witness turned away to warn his wife to take cover and when he looked out of the window a few seconds later he noticed the bright white light was stationary approximately 50 yards away and off the ground, across

and opposite the street from him where it was apparently ‘interested’ in one of the other houses.

The light which was around four to six feet in diameter but with a flat bit at the bottom (he drew it similar to a ‘D’ shape on its side), decided to ‘look round’ the house, going from the front windows to

the side windows upstairs.

The witness says he saw ‘two small thin brown legs’ at the bottom of the

light and then it proceeded to ‘climb up the sloping roof very easily until it was at the top’.

The object stayed there for a few seconds before ‘shooting off into the sky in a South Easterly direction’ where it was lost in the clouds before re-appearing as a ‘white centre in the clouds with what looked like

electrical waves coming out in all directions – some quite long, then it disappeared’.

The elderly witness claims to have good hearing and eyesight and reports the object as having made no noise. He comments that ‘this is the most remarkable thing I have seen – including bombardments in

Normandy during the war’. He adds that he ‘would very much like to know more about this incident’.

When this case was assessed by us at BUFORA, a colleague and I came up with two possible theories which we felt could offer plausible explanations for what had been observed.

These were:


Police helicopter – first noticed in the distance, then its searchlight beam had been projected into the street opposite the witness lives to check out premises there. Subsequently this beam had been raised up

(a helicopter flying away?) having illuminated the clouds.

2) A combination of separate objects seen which could have been mistakenly considered connected such as an aircraft landing light first seen in

the distance, then noticed the same or different aircraft light closer, followed by a nearby Chinese lantern with decorative tails (legs)and


….finally a firework of some kind exploding in the night sky.

The witness was appreciative of our efforts to provide two possible theories to account for what he had observed, but he did not feel happy that either of the two hypotheses satisfactorily explained what he had encountered on that night.

If anyone has any other thoughts or ideas as to the true identity of the mysterious object, or if similar unknown objects to this have been observed (on the same night or different) by anyone else, then we'd  like to hear from you at enquiries@bufora.org.uk