The British UFO Research Association
Investigations & Research since 1962
In pursuit of its aims, BUFORA supports active investigation and research teams. The investigation team carries out on site field investigation of cases, whilst the research team is involved in activities such as statistical research and technical support activities.

We have many investigators and trainee investigators spread around the country. Trainee investigators are expected to work with an experienced investigator and to undertake an Investigator Training Course. These are supplemented by guidance notes. Investigators are expected to work to an accepted, and long-standing Code Of Practice.

In the sections below the Investigations Diaries can be downloaded to give an in-depth picture of the past cases BUFORA Investigations Department.

In order to give visitors to the BUFORA website an in-depth understanding of many of the high strangeness cases that have been investigated by BUFORA, we have decided to compile some of these under this new link.  This will give readers a wider understanding of the unusual reports that have come into BUFORA over the years since the association was founded in the sixties.   

These case studies are fundamentally different from the reports we receive of unusual lights/objects in the sky and incorporate a wide-ranging area of experiences which involve many anomalies and sometimes quite extraordinary events.  It is interesting in some cases how they come to be reported to BUFORA at all, as they do not appear, at times, to involve a UFO in the sense of unidentified observations of objects in the sky.  However some of these cases do encompass a perceived  initial sighting of a ‘UFO’ which then extend into some bizarre events as grasped by witnesses.  There are a diverse area of theories, beliefs and psychology, of which the investigator should be aware in order to define the possibilities as to what has actually occurred during these incidents. However, in order develop our understanding of the nature of these mysterious human experiences it is also essential that the beliefs and background of people, who report these events, be carefully examined, as this can be a critical part of how they feel these incidents have occurred.  The potential of the human brain and its interaction with external sources such as powerful electromagnetic fields is possibly vitally important, together with memories of these events and how they can be linked to the imagery accessed and used by people undergoing extraordinary experiences. It appears that some of these bizarre reports are difficult for people to interpret and therefore the only way a witness can do this is by downloading familiar images to describe an unknown incident.  In other words try to explain the unexplainable and therein lies the heart of the problem for both witnesses and investigators.

For any of those new to the subject please access Robert Moore's introductory guide to the subject "GUIDE TO UFOs" on the website headings.

If any readers have comments or observations on the cases that follow, or can contribute with further information on specific case studies, please feel free to email me at stheatherd77@aol.com