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Events in Cheshire


Heather Dixon

6th June 2011

I received a telephone call recently from ‘Tom’ relating some unusual events that had occurred to

both Tom and his wife, while returning from a friend’s home in Burwardsley Road, Cheshire in the

early hours of the morning of 17th October 2004.

After speaking with him at length, Tom agreed to document the events that night, together with

several drawings, as a way of providing some visual imagery for what occurred during their drive


There are certain elements of their experience that maybe indicative of a laser light display and as it

was a weekend, and in the early hours of Sunday morning, this may have been a possibility.

However, this has been suggested to Tom when he reported his experiences to other researchers,

and he absolutely does not agree with this in any way.

The problem is that although some descriptions from Tom certainly fit the possibility of a laser light

display, the sequence of how these events unfolded do not all fit a laser light theory, and therein lies

a possible mystery.

It is important to note, however, that a laser light display can sometimes be observed within a thirty

mile radius of the show and this can look very strange to those who observe it so many miles away

from the point of the display.

A BUFORA investigator is now in the process of researching this report to see if a rational

explanation can be found.

Tom has kindly agreed to BUFORA documenting his account of a very strange car journey, in order to

establish whether anyone else had a similar experience that night in 2004 and maybe aware of the

nature of the experiences that Tom and his wife had that night. Please contact BUFORA Enquiries

should anyone have further information.

Below is Tom’s full account of this incident in his own words, together with several drawings...

On 17th October 2004 my wife and I had just left our friend’s home [who live on the Burwardsley

road Cheshire] sometime after 12.40 am. I had visited their home that night to repair their computer

but finally decided to take it home after failing to find the fault. We made our way down the

Burwardsley road [My wife was driving] heading towards Tattenhall Village. I remember resting my

head against the side of the car and closing my eyes because I was tired after working all evening.

After several seconds my wife shouted out “What’s this?” As I looked up I saw, what I can only

describe as an opaque vaporous/cloud moving out from the adjacent field on the left hand side and

onto the road ahead directly in the path of our car. I remember clearly, I could see it was moving

along the ground, and I could also see the top of it looking out through the car windows. I braced

myself and remember grabbing hold on both sides of the seat thinking we were about to enter into

this thick cloud. Just as I thought our car was about to go into it, I suddenly saw the road ahead. [I

can’t explain why this happened, the car did not enter it, I am not mistaken about this

As my wife continued to drive down Burwardsley road I suddenly noticed something spinning

around the car. I remember asking my wife to stop the car because I thought a vortex of some kind

was forming.
The reason why I thought it was forming was because there was no funnel, this looked

exactly like a perfect smooth thick white ring spinning near to the floor, it appeared to be about 15-

20ft across. One moment I could see it darting around the car the next thing it was gone. I also

remember wishing we could get into the village ahead [Tattenhall Village] as quickly as possible for

safety. As we entered and drove through the village I remember turning around and looking out of

the rear windows to view the road behind, to see if it had also entered the village, but I couldn’t see

anything behind us . I also remember saying to my wife that it was ok; we had avoided its path.

We continued on through the village, turned a right turn, then the road veers left or right, we take

the left turn through the remainder of the village and out of the village on to the Chester road,

which is another country road B road. When we exited the village and got onto the Chester road

suddenly I saw the same thing appear around the car again. I can remember at this time feeling

suddenly confused and shocked, I didn’t believe it could be around the car again by coincidence, and

it was then that I thought something was following our car. I started shouting at my wife, who just

looked shocked starring at the road ahead, to “stop the car, stop the car” but she just kept on

Again one moment I could see it darting back and forth near to the ground. Then it was gone

again. At some point along the Chester road we both remember a large car overtook our car, and we

both clearly remember after the car had disappeared out of view it re-appeared again. I remember

telling my wife to stop the car again, but I cannot remember where our location was at this time.

Then at some point on the Chester road I was looking ahead through the window and suddenly saw

the car bonnet had lit up with a white light[this was just for a second , and then the whole of the

windscreen instantly became full of what looked like little oval shapes[I now know them to be

circular because of the windscreen tilt], they had lots of small black dots inside[the small circles were

about 1-2 inches wide] and there was a glistening to it all, I remember seeing everything blue on the

windscreen and couldn’t see the road ahead. My wife started to scream out “what going on”; she

later said that she couldn’t see anything ahead through the windscreen and she was just guessing

were the road ahead was... I looked around out through the other windows when the small circles

were on the windscreen and I couldn’t see anything, it was totally black [I could not see anything, no

road, nothing] but at the time it was happening I didn’t think anything was wrong with not seeing

anything, if that makes sense, I just assumed it was black because it was night. I turned around and

the windscreen was still covered but then suddenly they all instantly disappeared.
My wife continued to drive, she became extremely anxious. I then turned around and looked out through the

back window, and saw a huge green light shoot from the field on the left, across the road to the field

on the right, this was above the ground. My wife started shouting out panicking and asking me, was

it in the car? [Had it come into the car?] ...she was very confused. I remember turning around and

looking out through the windows towards the adjacent field on the left and I could see huge lights

spinning around about 30-40ft above the ground, darting back forth, but they didn’t look like

artificial light, it looked like the very air had changed colour, the lights were like an aura, I then

opened my side passenger window and remember saying to my wife that it was over the field and

not in the car, she looked in that direction.

After this I remember we were both very quiet [I felt at this time strangely calm] but just wanted to

get to the motorway. I don’t know why, and this is something I have always asked myself to this day,

because the side passenger window was still open I put my head out the window and looked directly

above the car roof, hovering but slowly moving to the left[keeping up with the speed of our car]was

a perfect white spinning ring it looked like a solid vapour[I can’t explain this any other way] but it

was solid looking at the same time[solid but vapour?], it seemed to have a round mass at its front, I

could instantly see the whole thing was turning around like a mechanical wheel ,this was literally

only feet above the car roof.
I also saw that all around its peripheral spinning exactly the same was

this green aura of lights that of which I had seen darting back and forth above the field, patch like

but it was like a rainbow but much more prominent than a rainbow, I clearly saw the air had

changed colour. I cannot remember any cloud being directly above the car. The aura was spinning

around the perfect ring exactly in sequence. Sometime before we got onto the A41 my wife tried to

pull her mobile phone out of the front pocket of her jeans, asking me to video it, but I remember

insisting to her to put the phone away because I did not know how to use the video camera on her

phone [I DID know how to use the video on her phone, I have previously used it].

I remember us approaching the t –junction and it was still over the left hand side field where the

Chester road meets the A41, we turned right onto the A41 and then suddenly it appeared above the

adjacent field on the left hand side again. My wife started to drive the car much faster now we were

on the main road but it stayed level to the car over the adjacent field. I can’t remember how far we

had travelled down the A41 with this at the side, but it must have been over a mile, mile and a half,

but I noticed it eventually began to back off in another direction above the field away from our car .I

watched this and I make no mistake, I watched this slowly ascend up into the clouds, I saw it go

through the clouds and disappear still rotating.
When this was visible from a distance i.e. above the adjacent fields I could not see the spinning ring at all,
the only thing visible was the aura of lights spinning alongside the car.
This was all I could see when it ascended over the field. When I looked up

and put my head out of the car window this was also when I realised that, what we initially saw

spinning on the ground for several miles [which I now know to be around 3 miles] beforehand after

this strange vapour appeared, was that which was rotating on the inside of the aura that was

spinning around [like one rotating inside of the other]. I am certain of this. I am also certain that

there was no aura spinning around the car before the light and the small circles appeared on the

bonnet of our car. I also remember that it only took seconds to ascend out of sight; I believe this was

because there was cloud above where it ascended.

What I find impossible to write down on paper is how this seemed to behave; it did not move in the

air naturally, it seemed to defy our laws of physics. I can’t remember hearing any sound, there was

no wind or visual physical effects that I could see, and the weather was quite calm and very clear

indeed. This seemed solid but obviously wasn’t solid, it moved but not the way anything I have ever

seen moves, It appeared vaporous [as in white, smooth, thick but a perfect circle] but it did not

disperse in the air, and it rotated in a mechanical like way, and also the air changed colour, the light

[aura] had no edges and was transparent? Plus, my wife and I have since travelled back to the area

on several occasions to visit our friends, we went on the same time of year, we left their home at

roughly the same time [sometime just before 1am] and in similar weather conditions. What I did

notice, was that everything seemed much brighter, there was much more visibility on all the roads.

This could be nothing, but everything did seem very black at the time it happened to us. And I did

see blackness when the circles were on the windscreen.

Several minutes after it had disappeared through the clouds we finally got onto the motorway. We

both then became incredibly shocked about what had just occurred. I instantly used my wife’s phone

to call our friend’s home, who we had visited and told them what had just happened to us. [Our

friends still live on the Burwardsley road today].

The next day I called my parents and told them what happened to us, my mother immediately

came to our house. After talking to her for some time we started becoming concerned that radiation

might be still on the car. This was something that I personally had not even thought about, but I

eventually decided to take the car to the carwash just as a precautionary. While we were talking the

telephone rang and it was R*** who was the female friend we had visited the night before. She told

us that her friend who lived locally was a policewoman, and she asked her whether it could have

been a police helicopter, the policewoman said that Cheshire doesn’t have any police helicopters

and they are brought in from Liverpool if needed.

I remember that week checking through the local Cheshire newspapers online and DID see someone

had reported seeing something triangular hovering over his home, but I can’t remember which

village it was. I also remember emailing several research groups in the following weeks, it was then I

received several emails, one from Jenny Randles [who I had never heard of] one from UFO magazine

asking for a story, and another from a local newspaper [I think a Knutsford newspaper]. I also

received an email from a UFO writer, can’t remember his name but I think he was an ex-policeman.

After some thought I decided that I didn’t want to give UFO magazine the story to publish as it

wasn’t entertainment, and I felt it would undermine our sighting. The overall distance we travelled

when the UFO stayed around our car was about 5 miles before it eventually ascended up into the

clouds. The time was shortly after 12.40am.

This is just an account of my own observations and not those of my wife.

Although my wife has talked openly about it to our families she is quite reluctant to talk in depth

about what happened because she fears ridicule, but I am quite willing to talk to anyone in person

about this. I am 100% certain what I have described here is what we saw and how it behaved. I am

also certain[and so is my wife]that we were certainly being followed by this, and what appeared on

the windscreen of the car was either put there to view us or to try and get us to stop our vehicle,

obvious speculation. The reason why I believe this to be the case is because even after the circles

disappeared and the UFO was over the adjacent field, it AGAIN came back and hovered directly over

the roof of our vehicle. Also coincidently it began to back off from the direction we were travelling in

[A41 towards the motorway] just before we entered a more built up are.

I also believe that my reactions when it was happening, although seemed natural at the time, were

completely out of character and don’t make sense thinking back. I cannot explain why my wife did

not stop the car when I asked her to, but then again I cannot understand why I persistently asked

her to stop the car even after I realised that something WAS following us. My wife appeared to be in

a trance initially.

Below are four drawings by Tom to illustrate his report:


copyright BUFORA 2013, all rights reserved.