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A Strange Sighting

from the Desert –

Jordan –September

1996  Heather Dixon                                                                                                


In May 2011 BUFORA received a sighting report from Geoff regarding a

mysterious sighting observed by a unit of eight soldiers on exercise in the Jordan desert in 1996
and he believes it was around September of that year.
Geoff relates the following account of these events:

In 1996, the 1st battalion of The Kings Regiment was on exercise in the Jordan

desert. Night time out there is amazing and you can see the sky as it is

supposed to be seen. It was very clear this particular night and we were

moving through the dark desert on foot; there were around eight of us and it

was pitch black but a clear sky and about 2.00 am in the morning.

I was only about 17years old at the time and I can remember looking at the

guys’ boots in front of me, when all of a sudden there was a humming sound

behind us in the sky and the desert ground lit up like a pink flash. My first

reaction thought it was a flare which is sometimes used in training, but this

was not a flare. We turned round to look at it and to this day I still dream

about it what I saw. It was a disk shaped aircraft shimmering lights all around

it, then it shot off at incredible speed into the night sky but left a trail of light

behind where it had been, much like a sparkler does on bonfire night. We all

looked at each other and laughed about it with typical ‘squaddie’ humour, but

that was it. We never reported it and I think this was because of the

embarrassment of telling superiors that we may have just seen a UFO.

 I am now 32 years old and it has bothered me all these years wondering what I

witnessed that night in the desert. I feel I am a very much more intuitive

person, as I have aged because of this experience and I am a lot more open

minded about things out there and was wondering if there would be a way to

see if there were any other reports from that year in that area of the Jordan


Geoff states that they observed this object for five minutes from the time of

the flash to observing the disc-shaped object in the sky and when it shot off at

great speed. He also says that his watch stopped, but he felt this was due to

the age of the battery.

If any readers of this report are aware of other similar sightings during this

time, please contact BUFORA enquiries at enquiries@bufora.org.uk or Heather

Dixon on stheatherd77@aol.com.