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BUFORA has a specific and dedicated Press and Media officer - John Wickham, who is also our Chairman. He has appeared on many national and local television, radio and documentary networks. John is an accredited investigator, magazine contributor, conference speaker and MC for other organisations conferences; with past roles with BUFORA as Chairman and treasurer also in his experience. BUFORA has regularly appeared in the media in all formats since its formation in the 1960's and continues to commentate and evaluate the UFO phenomenon as the subject continues to evolve through the 21st century.

BUFORA is a dedicated team of experienced ufologists who specialise in the niche subject of UFOs. We are one of the oldest and consistently active research and investigation groups in the world having been established since 1962.
BUFORA is non cultist and scientifically evaluative in its cases. It assures witness confidentiality and is not driven by belief systems.
We have a reputation of being robust in our research and investigations in addition to the professional advice that we offer.
BUFORA has contributed articles and comments on brand new cases in addition to famous key incidents such as Rendlesham, Roswell and Warminster.

We may be available to speak or meet with you at short notice if you require an MC, speaker or an interview. We often appear on live and pre-recorded television channels here in the UK and overseas, this is in addition to being interviewed on various radio stations, again live or pre-recorded here in the UK and abroad.

We quite often contribute to the tabloids regarding current and historic reported sightings; we also advise TV and film/documentary directors/producers on the content of their project.

Since we were established in 1962 the BUFORA team have all worked on a voluntary basis, we would very much like to continue to do so; we therefore would require a donation from any Press and Media enquiries if you require our expertise. We are happy to discuss this further with you upon request.

If you need our assistance please contact our Press and Media Officer John Wickham in the first instance at mediabufora@yahoo.co.uk ; alternatively contact anyone at the Enquiries email address.

John Wickham on the BBC Breakfast news programme

Contact John Wickham directly at:
08445 674 694

Appearance on SKY news

We can also discuss what we do and also feature our Investigators Training Course.

We have also appeared as part of a panel of experts to debate the UFO phenomenon, with our five decades of research and investigation into all areas of the UFO subject.